Top Picks For Winter Stable Rugs

During the winter months our horses tend to spend a lot more time
in their stable compared to other seasons. Lots of yards reduce
turnout hours, people with limited grazing try to stop their land from
becoming a mud bath by restricting grazing and some horses do
seem to prefer to come in on a night in bad winter weather! When
horses are spending many hours in their stable we want to make
sure they are as comfortable as possible. One way we can do this
is to make sure we pick the correct weight winter stable rug. It is
important to remember that each horse is unique so there is not
one rule fits all.
Under rugging a horse: The best way to check if a horse is cold is
to feel on the inside of the rug. Both on the shoulders and on the
top of the back. The ears are a good indication of how warm / cold
the horse is, particularly around the base of the ears, as is the
muzzle and round the nose. If the horse is cold in the stable they
cannot run around to warm up like they can in the field. Our horse
rug liner system is very helpful for adding a light layer underneath.
Our horse rug liners are available in 50g, 100g & 200g fill.
Over rugging a horse: Horses have a tougher time cooling down
than they do warming up. They will become uncomfortable if they
are too hot, they might also be breathing heavily. They will possibly
rub against the side of the stable, trying to remove the rug and
may be feeling itchy with the heat . If your horse is sweating or
damp around the girth and chest area then they are too warm
under the rug.
Our stable rugs are available in the following weights: 50g, 100g, 200g, 300g, 360g & 400g. Those combined with our stable rug liner system hopefully means you can make up the rug weight that keeps your horse at a comfortable temperature. With the constant unseasonal changes in the weather that we are experiencing now, the liners make it much easier to adjust the rug for a warm day /spell.

Our rugs are designed to be warm but very light in physical weight,
this is much better for the horse. They really do not want to be
carrying the weight of a heavy rug all day and night. Here are
some pictures of our recent stable rugs:

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