Advice For Choosing The Best Winter Turnout Rug

Turnout & Stable Rug Weight Guide:

We often get asked "What weight turnout rug should I use?" and "What weight stable rug should i use?". As with people, horses are all very unique! Some horses feel the cold more, some carry more weight, some are good doers, some are clipped. This list goes on! A fully clipped thoroughbred in full work is going to need a lot more fill than a hairy, chunky welsh cob.

We check weather apps multiple times a day and which rug to put on is always a frequent conversation at our stables, is it at yours?! We find our detachable neck turnout rugs very handy for quickly taking the neck cover off if the weather warms up.

Here is a rough guide to which weight horse rug you will need. It is important to take into account wind speed and what temperature the weather is going to drop to overnight or rise to during the day.

Temperature Stabled & Clipped Turned Out & Clipped Stabled & Unclipped Turnout Out & Unclipped
-5'c to 0'c Heavyweight stable rug with neck plus liner underneath Heavyweight turnout rug with neck plus liner underneath Medium or heavyweight stable rug Medium or heavyweight turnout rug
0'c to 5'c Heavyweight stable rug  Heavyweight turnout rug Medium weight stable rug Medium weight turnout rug
5'c to 10'c Medium weight stable rug Medium weight turnout rug Lightweight stable rug Lightweight turnout rug
10'c to 15'c Lightweight stable rug Lightweight turnout rug Nothing or very light sheet Nothing or no fill turnout rug
15'c plus Stable sheet Nothing or 0g turnout rug Nothing Nothing unless windy & wet


Please note this is a rough guide and we would recommend checking your horse is comfortable and changing the weight of rug when needed.

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