TURNOUT RUG REVIEW - Martha Lily Photography

"We live in the UK. This means it rains a lot. I was very kindly gifted a rug from Swish and I’d like to tell you all about my experience.
Funnily enough when I received the rug it decided to go really hot.
I also wanted to make sure I had the rug for a long time and tested it well to give it a fair review.

Purple Swish Horse Rug

It’s fair to say I’m in love and a total convert!

I decided to go for the gorgeous purple. I’m lucky Lola is grey and goes with so many colours. I hadn’t seen a rug this colour and fell for it instantly when I saw it on swish’s insta.

Ok so the review. First thoughts the quality, feel and a weighty structure to the rug convinced me it was made really well.
Mum actually thinks I’m a bit of a “rug snob” I didn’t realise I was but I’m really genuinely in love with this rug. So much so I’ve purchased the same rug in a 5ft3 for my little 12.2 in the gorgeous bright pink!

Features & Fit
This lightweight turn out fit Lola super well. Lola wears a 6ft3 she is a 15.1 connie x thoroughbred.
I really like the velcro fit on the neck strap and the fact the neck is removable. Lola is quite a hot horse so I don’t like the combo’s much any more, I end up tucking them underneath which isn’t ideal and ruins the rug.
The fact that the innovative velcro system “2 double locking velcro pieces” direct quote from swish’s website. This feature also makes sure that there is no bare *skin*/fur of the horse open to the elements, which is another bug bear I have with rugs that do separate.
So that’s another fab invention and win from swish and super easy to use and secure. I think the sheepskin wither pad is a nice touch as that’s a key rug rub area. I love the reflective panels on the back, I think it’s really sensible.

As said and shown I went for the purple. This rug is available in a range of gorgeous colours, currently in stock are royal blue, pink and the purple.

The fact that it’s a 50g, is perfect for those wet days and the days with a bit of a nip in the air and those summer evenings where the temperatures really drop.
I think the rug is great value at £76.99 regular price

Swish also offer 5% off orders for all new customers! Isn’t that fabulous?! To view and purchase (Lola not included, sorry) is here.

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