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Guest Blog Post Review By Jasmine Punter

We’ve finally made it to the other side of Winter and although it may not be the Spring season we had planned, it’s so lovely to have a bit of sunshine again!
With the change in season comes summer coats, fresh grass, warmer weather, longer days. Oh, and flies. And the odd Spring Shower too! I’ve recently been sent a Fly Turnout Combination Rug to try out from Swish Equestrian, which is perfect for those days where you can never be quite sure whether it’ll be hot or if there will be an unexpected downpour! I only have regular fly rugs in my horsey wardrobe so was keen to try this one from Swish!

The design incorporates a ‘turnout section’ of rug in a waterproof 1200 denier fabric, running from the poll to the tail guard. This means that in unexpected showers, the horses back will stay dry, helping to avoid a chill. The rest of the rug is made from lightweight, breathable mesh, which helps keep the horse cool and protects from biting insects. This makes it the perfect overnight rug for horses living out 24/7, or when expecting showery spells.

This rug comes in 2 colours; Grey (pictured), or Grey/Mint. It’s a practical colour for a turnout rug, and light enough to help in keeping cool. I love the Mint detail too!

Other features that I love are the detachable neck, the fleece whither pad to prevent rubbing, and the choice between leg straps or fillet string! I also purchased some Plastic Coated Fillet Strings, which I added to this and will be attaching to my other rugs too. They are reasonably priced and are much easier to keep clean than regular fillet strings – a little hack for you!

The tail flap is also a generous length to prevent flies or midges biting, which is great – my horse gets an itchy tail and so often, I find the tail flaps don’t come very far down. I also love that the neck attachment is lined along the mane to prevent rubbing. If, like my horse(!), you’re trying to save their mane after a Winter of rubbing, this is a great addition.

The neck cover straps are double locking velcro, which are my top choice for rugs as I find them most secure and easiest to use.

My Mare is a warmblood type with a big shoulder and neck and this rug is a great fit on her, with plenty of room for movement, which should prevent any rubbing!

The RRP is £89.99 but it currently has an introductory offer of £69.99, which is fantastic value for money, and it rivals competitor brand’s in terms of quality and design. Swish Equestrian have a super range of rugs, including some gorgeous New products for Spring, in beautiful colours!

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Love the review – amazing pics!

Ali Glington April 18, 2020

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