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Finding A Rug To Fit Her Beautiful Arabian Gelding Raphael.

Living in the U.K. where the weather is unpredictable and rain can happen at any point doubled with the fact that Raph is kept on a farm on top of a hill, meant that choosing a perfectly fitting rug was even more important. 

Horse Rug For Arab Horses

I’ve tried numerous rugs on him over the year I’ve had him for and while some fit ok, most were just too large on his Arabian chest and would slip backwards. 

After reading a great review on Swish I decided to give them a go. 

Horse Rugs For ArabiansArab Fitting Horse Rugs











I ordered him a 200g turnout which came with a detachable neck in a gorgeous aqua colour. It arrived within 2 days of ordering and I was very impressed with the weight and how well made it was. 

It has Velcro fastenings on the chest and where the neck attaches and has D rings for the leg straps with an extra one each side for the liner (which I also ordered) to clip onto. I love the sheepskin wither patch which prevents his delicate area being rubbed too. 

It’s as though the rug was made to measure for him. It fits snugly round his shoulders as it sits slightly higher up the neck than some rugs do, is deep enough on the sides to cover his belly and the main point is that he stayed completely dry after a day spent in the field in torrential downpours and hailstones! 

Horse Rug to fit arabian horse

It also hasn’t slipped at all; staying in place after some field zoomies. 

He hasn’t rolled in it yet either so is still as new (not that it will look like that the other side of winter mind) 

It’s a great value rug which I’m very impressed with and I’m now a convert to Swish for all of his Arabian rug wardrobe needs. If only Swish made raincoats as I've yet to find one for me that stays watertight!

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Arab Fitting Turnout Rugs

Turnout rug to fit arab horse

Arabian Horse Rugs

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